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Sony XF9005: Our opinion 2018

The Sony XF9005 is a high-end 2018 model, one of the best we can buy during this year. We recommend waiting until June-July since its price before is too high. As an picture quality we can say that this TV is one of the best, outside the OLED, the panel is FALD and incorporates the X1 Extreme video processor, which works really well. the number of zones that are controlled is 60 and has a good level of brightness. The resolution is UltraHD 4K and compatible with HDR10 and perhaps with Dolby Vision if it is added this summer. The Smart platform is AndroidTV 7.0 that takes a few years with Sony improving every year, as a novelty highlights Google Assistant that is integrated, but we expect new update in a few months to Android 8.0. Audio is not the best thing about this TV and if you want to really enjoy home cinema we recommend buying an external sound bar. It is a good TV for gamers also with a low inputlag: Input lag 40 ms (Game Mode)

Technical / Specifications:

Specs and comments are of the specific product,
the same model can undergo important variations
Screen: 49, 55, 65 and 75 inches. Flat
Technology: X1 Extreme, FALD Local Dimming
PanelMVA 10 Bits 
Resolution FullHD 1920x 1080
HDRHDR10, HLG, DolbyVision
3D: -
MotionFlow1000Hz (100Hz)
Smart TV: Android TV 7.0/8.0
  • 4x HDMI
  • 3x USB
  • Dual Tuner
  • Bluetooth
  • Audio: 20W
View all specifications (Sony website)

Design Sony XF9005

Alternative to Sony XF9005?

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  • Samsung Q9N
  • LG SK9500

Our opinion Sony XF9005 (veredict):

Our opinion about the Sony XF9005 is very good, it is probably for the second consecutive year the best TV quality-price, if your budget does not reach the OLED TV. This will be the best LCD-LED TV since Sony does not update its XE9305 model this year. The competitors will be the best Samsung QLED or the LG Nanocell, in our opinion it will cost them to reach this level. Both the processor and the type of panel are the best and if its price continues to drop from 1600 output we recommend your purchase for all types of families and uses. It is an ideal TV for those who want to enjoy video games, movies or sports although we do not recommend it if the angle of vision is going to be mainly large, since for that case a TV with IPS panel is better.

This TV is the evolution of one of the best televisions of Sony 2017: the XE9005, and the main difference is increases the number of local attenuation zones and the Extreme X1 processor so it improves a bit the picture quality.

Model Name: Name of 2018 Sony TV
  • Sony KD-49XF9005
  • Sony KD-55XF9005
  • Sony KD-65XF9005
  • Sony KD-75XF9005

Sony TV line-up 2018

We present all the Sony televisions that were offered in the UK market during 2018, these new models are not available until the second quarter of the year and we do not recommend their purchase until June approximately, since their launch price is usually exaggerated. You can read our opinion of the 2017 models for sale during the first half of 2018.

What's new in Sony 2018 TVs?
There are few novelties ne general in all brands, Sony maintains an excellent updated OLED model: the AF8, which maintains characteristics with the A1 and changes only a little the design.
On the LCD-LED models the XE9005 improved with the X1 Extreme processor: XF9005. The Smart platform is still Google Android TV.
Name of the TV Sony 2018

    4K UltraHD

    XF90: Review
    Processor X1™ Extreme, Dolby Vision
    • Sony 49XF9005
    • Sony 55XF9005
    • Sony 65XF9005
    • Sony 75XF9005
    XF85: Review
    XF8505 / XF8577 / XF8588 / XF8596 / XF8599
    Processor X1
    • Sony 43XF8505
    • Sony 49XF8505
    • Sony 55XF8505
    • Sony 65XF8505
    • Sony 75XF8505 
    • Sony 85XF8505 
    XF80: Review
    XF8005 / XF8096
    • Sony 43XF8096
    • Sony 49XF8096
    • Sony 55XF8096


    HD Ready


    HDR 10 y Dolby Vision, 4K UltraHD
    AF8 Opinión completa
    Processor X1™ Extreme, Dolby Vision
    • Sony 55AF8
    • Sony 65AF8
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    Sony 2018 TV model numbers explained

    The LED TV 2018 of the Sony brand is named with a series of numbers and letters that indicate some of its main characteristics. What do these names mean?

    Our opinion on all Sony TV on sale in 2018.

    1-The first two letters indicate the resolution: Sony KD49XF9005
    • KD: 4K (UltraHD)
    • KDL: FullHD / HDReady
    2-The first digits are the size of the screen in inches: 32, 43, 49, 55, 65, ...
    • Sony KD49XF9005
    3-The letter after inches shows the type of panel: Sony KD49XF9005
    • X: 4K with flat screen
    • W: FullHD with flat screen
    • A: OLED
    4-The second letter is the year of manufacture: Sony KD49XF9005
    • F: 2018
    • E: 2017
    • D: 2016
    5-The final number of 4 figures is the model, the series range from 6 to 9, leaving the model OLED AF8 which is clearly the best Sony TV for 2018. Sony KD49XF9005

    Tuesday, January 9, 2018

    Best TV first half of 2018 price-value

    In this post we try to recommend what TV you should buy the best value for first half of 2018. If you want to save in the first half of the year are also available TVs 2017. To learn more: When is the best moment to buy a TV?

    Best TV £2500-3000

    The high-end TVs in 2018 are 4K resolution, compatible with HDR10 and feature SmartTV. In this category we differentiate OLEDs from LCD-LEDs.
    • LG OLED B7 / C7: (8.5) is probably the most recommended TV if you have a high budget. The B7 and C7 are the same in picture quality. Ideal for any type of use and for any situation, both front and sides. The price in 55 inches over £3000.
    • Sony XE9305: (8.2) Best LCD-LED TV. Good picture quality and very good in HDR too. It is not a recommended TV to watch from the sides. About £200 cheaper than LG's OLED

    £1500 55 inches

    Without being the best have very good picture quality, its price about £1500 in 55 inches. Good choice for lovers of picture quality, with budget less than OLED. Compatibility supports HDR10 but not other formats.
    • Sony XE9005: (8) Model with direct LED, good uniformity and good contrast, to watch better front. Too expensive at the moment.
    • Samsung MU8000: (7.5) A TV to watch from the front with good contrast and ideal for gamers. Good overall.
    • Panasonic EX750: VA and 3D.

    Mid-range £1000:

    Televisions with more than enough picture quality for most users. They include Smart, 4K and are compatible with HDR, although its panel is something inferior: 8bits. Price of about £1000 in 55 inches.
    • Samsung MU6400: The Samsung midrange, every year gives an excellent result combining: performance, picture quality and price. They are televisions with panel VA so it is better to watch them from the front (Models 49 and 55 inches with PLS panel?).. Any of the series is recommended: MU6445, MU6505, ...
    • LG UJ670V: With IPS panel is more suitable for those with large family or sofas from the sides. Not recommending to watch movies in the dark.

    The Televisions FullHD this 2018 are few, only reserved to the lower range. We recommend you visit our list with all FullHD TVs if you don't want to spend much for a TV.

    Monday, January 8, 2018

    Best TV 40-43 inches first half of 2018 in UK

    Most televisions that are sold are of this screen size. We always recommend: the bigger is better. However most users have enough of those inches or no more space.

    The best televisions of the year are not available in this size, they are 49-55 inches or larger. In this post we recommend the best of each brand available in 40-43 inches.

    Best TV 40-43 inches first half of 2018

    • Sony XE8005: IPS panel with wide viewing angle, not recommended for watching movies, in the dark. 43 inches £650
    • LG UJ750V: IPS Panel, best for viewing in rooms with some light, wide viewing angle and good Smart. 43 inches £500.
    • Panasonic EX700B: Panel VA, good for gamers, cinema, etc ... better to see from the front, with light or dark room. 40 inches £650.
    • Samsung MU6400: Better to see from the front. The best quality-price for non-demanding users. Available in 40 and 43 inches for £500.

    Smsng MU6400 Sony XE8005 Pana EX700 LG UJ750V
    Image Quality 7 7 7 7
    Movies 8 5 8 6
    Viewing Angle 6 8,5 7 8,5
    sports 7,5 7,5 7,5 7,5
    TVShows 7,5 8 8 8
    Gamers 8 7 8 8
    HDR 7 6,5 7 7,5
    Smart 9 8 7 9
    Audio 7 7 7 7,5
    Price 8,5 7 7 8,5
    Rating 7,55 7,15 7,35 7,75


    We can differentiate between IPS and VA panel televisions. Also we see as the price varies a lot, we recommend you choose between VA Samsung or LG IPS.